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Birdman Nebula - This nebula reminds me of two large Vulture like birds found on planet Earth. Pink Nebula - This nebula cloud is filled with radiation from a star buried under dust in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Blazing Nebula - As Gas and Dust Clouds coalesce the heat generated makes this a vivid nebula in the Andromeda Galaxy. Angel Head Nebula - A few billion light years in the Hydra Supercluster of Galaxies is the Angel Head Nebula. Bass Nebula - This ever expanding gas nebula resembles one of the life forms-a fish-found on Planet Earth. Blue Dream Nebula - The light emitted from this nebula's expanding star, creates a soft pale blue color that is unmatched in the galaxy. Angel Nebula - With its pink wings attached to its body- this nebula is truly heavenly. Bow Nebula - As heated gas races from its star- it creates a bow of radiation that travels over a million miles per hour. Nebula Gate - As if guarding its progenitor star - radiation blocks its view. Dragon Nebula - This nebula found at the edge of the Coma Supercluster of Galaxies- has the appearance of an Earthly Mystical Creature- A Dragon.
With its white snout in the upper left, follow its pink neck down and across as if it is lying down,
with its purple tail  curling at its feet.
Cloud Nebula - This expanding dust cloud spreads as it races from radiation emitted by its new born star. Deep Blue - Stars ignite and in so doing perturb the dust clouds above them causing newly formed stars to fuse. Nebulae Rift - Best Science Fiction Artwork Award
Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention
2013 Crux Nebula - New Stars erupt to form a hook or crux in this piece from the Venatici System. Foxfurnebula - Colors abound in this swirling nebula in the Andromeda Galaxy. Cygnus Rift - New stars push gas and dust outward and in so doing cause other stars to begin to fuse light years away. Pillars - Pillars of gas resonate. Purple Neb - Unknown radiation diffuses to create the color Purple in the Hydra System. Plank Nebula - As a Genie emerging from a bottle this nebula spread throughout its galaxy. Rising Nebula - Streaming upward - gas and dust are put into motion as a star is born. Sitting Woman Nebulae - The Mother of the Universe can be seen sitting in the cosmos as her hair is blown by the Galactic Winds. Road Runner Nebula - Looking like a fast bird from Earth the Road Runner Nebula appears to be on the move. Star Nebulae - Deep within a nebula a stars fusion begins and its light emerges from the cloud. Waves - Gravitational waves resonant thru a Nebulae creating waves as did the ancient Greek God- Posiedon. jquery lightbox autoplayby v5.7

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