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Almost Home - Looking much like Planet Earth an exoplanet in the Vega System reflects the geography of Earth along with an extra moon. Comet Over 3 Palms - A comet streaks above the horizon on Eti as its moons look down on a colored atmosphere. Aurora Sunset - As the sun sets an aurora appears in the dusk sky on Lamos. Aurora Over Teok - An aurora appears over barren trees on this peaceful planet. Cloud Tops Of Jupiter - Winds racing at hundreds of miles per hour, create nuances in one of our Solar Systems Gas Giants. Falls Of Tucanae - Methane Falls flow over the edge of a crevice on Tucanae. Spires Of Navidahl - A blue atmosphere is created as Navidahl is bombarded by radiation from its neighboring planets. Near And Far - With its nearby moon on the horizon and a distant cluster of stars light years away this planet has a vista unlike many others. Desert Twilight - A nearby planet and its moons drift slowly below the horizon as the day ends. Gravitational Attraction - As its Moon rises closely to its planet, electromagnetic particles are energized and climb upward in the sky. Beautiful Moons - As dusk settles on a lake on Aldrin - 4 moons emerge from the day sky. Sunset In Draco - As its sun sets on the horizon- it is clouded by its swirling dust and its point of light never seen. Sunrise Behind A Moon - Can be found in the Hercules Galaxy. Sunset in Tauri - As its sun sets- fellow planets and moons become visible on Tauri. Whirlwind Galaxy - As its funnel appearance reminds us of a tornado on earth- this galaxy appears to emerge from the waters on Latu. Serene Night - All is quiet on Atmos- with its rising star eclipsing its moon. Palm Grove - A setting of Palm Trees on a rocky outcrop against one of its two moons in the distance make this a stunning and peaceful view. jquery lightbox autoplayby v5.7
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